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Exploration and Refusal Conversions

I'm still struggling to find a method that improves contact rates in the refusal conversion process for the experiment with call scheduling. As a reminder, the experimental method improves contact rates for calls prior to a refusal, but then contact rates for calls after a first refusal have lower contact rates than calls to those cases in the control group. Ouch.

I already tried calling households at times other than the time at which the first refusal was taken. The hypothesis was that people were screening us out and that calling at a different time might lead to someone else in the household picking up the phone. But that didn't work.

In looking at the data, searching for a reason that this is happening, I noticed that the control group seemed to be "exploring" better than the experimental group. The figures below demonstrate this. The upper figure shows calls prior to a refusal. It shows the average number of windows that have been called by call number for call…